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CinemaLab was founded in 2011 as Cinematographico, but was later renamed to CinemaLab. It is a group of professionals in marketing business. Changing name to CinemaLab meant changing strategic direction from short-term projects we had done before to long-term projects and cooperation with our clients.

Also, we introduced a new direction of making content and advising in marketing and sales.

The team that makes CinemaLab’s projects possible is consisted of experienced professionals being into business successfully for over ten years each. Our departments cover marketing strategies, web development, videos, creative services, video animation, and all sorts of the content. Digital marketing as well.

Our head office is in Sarajevo, from where we distribute our expertise to our clients. We work closely with clients from Germany, Austria, Malaysia, USA and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Working with clients abroad, acquiring online business excellence was our priority. We believe marketing is a mission, and our mission is Developing business all over the world.

What We Do

Our Services

Top quality services executed by our devoted,
yet creative team.

Video & Photo Production

We cover videos from idea to post-production, starting from short promotional videos, TV format advertisements, corporate videos to documentary and short film production. Production and editing high quality photos is also in our production range.

Regarding animation videos, we are capable of producing 2D and 3D videos.
Our team will gladly assist if fixer services are needed in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Graphic Design

Creating brands, book of standards and every other graphic design request is in the list of services we do. We have done books, posters, brochures and many more. We enjoy doing redesign.

Digital Marketing

If this is boring, than we don’t create good content. But since you are reading further, we’re good. Digital marketing services are also provided by our teams. Our special focus in digital marketing is reporting, whether weekly or monthly. Should a client need a support with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Accounts, Digital Advertising, Website Analytics, E-mail marketing, Campaign management and reporting, we cover it all. And this is when we stop not to become boring.

Web Development

Need a website? Just fill out our website questionnaire, and give us some time. We can fully code websites, work with templates, depending on client’s choice. Web shops and payment integration is also possible. Our account manager takes care of reporting on the status, which you can also follow through our Cheap Marketing platform.

Account manager makes a deal with clients. Content manager takes over, finishes and delivers the content. Graphic designer, photo and video editors prepare it altogether. Coding starts. We have three points check with the clients, and, after approval, website is online.

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